Love Letter Series: Grief Bundle by Tara Wilken

Love Letter Series: Grief Bundle

This bundle is part of the Love Letter Series. It was designed  for the grieving. The same letter is given in audio, video and PDF formats. The audio and video have Tara reading the love letter with background music. (Tara is not seen on the video, the video will only have the white flower shown as a still.)

What's included

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 2 files


Love Letter Series: Grief
Dear Grieving One Video
4 mins
Dear Grieving One Audio
4 mins
Dear Grieving One PDF
36 KB

Why Tara Created This Love Letter

Tara has dealt with a lot of grief in her life. She has been to over 60 funerals and celebrations of life. Around 40 of those she knew the deceased. The others she was there to support someone else who had lost a loved one.

It can be hard to find the right thing to say. Tara created this love letter as something she wished someone would have said to her. She hopes this letter allows you a bit of comfort, wisdom and support. 
Photos of Tara with her maternal grandparents, both of whom she was extremely close to.


What music is playing in the background of the audio and video files?

Adrift Volume 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

You may need to increase your volume a bit to hear the music.

Do you offer a refund?

No, for digital downloads including (Guided Meditations and the Love Letter Series) all sales are final.

You are able to read the letter for free under the product called: Love Letter Series: For the Grieving; Grief Letter PDF

Can I gift this bundle to someone?

Yes! It is a currently a manual process. Please use this contact link.

Tara listens to the language of relationships.

Offering guidance to strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.